The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering (GF) is the oldest civil engineering faculty in Croatia that conducts university education at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in all branches of civil engineering, continuously develops and promotes higher education, scientific research and lifelong learning and actively participates in the development of profession and application of new technologies. The construction program starts with the work of the Technical College in Zagreb on October 1, 1919, while in 1962 Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb becomes an independent institution.

The Faculty is organized:

a) in eight departments:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Water Research
  • Structures
  • Materials
  • Mathematics
  • Construction Management
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Buildings

b) one independent chair:

  • Buildings

Five laboratories have been equipped for the purpose of scientific, teaching and professional work, a local computer network with over 150 terminals has been built, and the classroom equipment enables the implementation of modern multimedia teaching. The faculty library has about 40,000 titles and receives about 120 magazines, mostly foreign.

Among others, GF strives to achieve international recognition by developing a culture of quality higher education and research work by implementing the best European and world practices, promoting the mobility of students and researchers, and by becoming one of the regional centres of excellence in individual disciplines, as well as a “cooperation bridge” for countries of the European Union and the region, while at the same time to retain and strengthen the cooperation with the business sector in high-expertise tasks and developmental projects.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb participates in international and national scientific research projects. Only projects that refer to the green construction area are listed here:

International projects:

  1. ECO-SANDWICH – Energy Efficient, Recycled Concrete Sandwich Facade Panel (CIP Eco-Innovations). Coordninator: Ivana Banjad Pečur, associates: prof. Nina Štirmer, Bojan Milovanović, Ivana Carević, Marina Bagarić
  2. FP7 Anagennisi – Innovative Use of all Tyre Components in Concrete, Coordninator: Kypros Pilakoutas, The University of Sheffield, National leader: Nina Štirmer, associates: Dubravka Bjegović, Ana Baričević (voditelj radnog paketa WP4), Marija Jelčić Rukavina, Martina Pezer, Marijana Serdar, Domagoj Damjanović, Ivan Duvnjak, Marko Bartolac, Marina Frančić Smrkić,, Joško Krolo.
  3. BUILD UP Skills CROSKILLS II: Build Up Skills CROatia: Strengthening energy efficiency SKILLS and certification schemes for building workers, Coordninator: prof. Ivana Banjad Pečur, associates: prof. Nina Štirmer, Bojan Milovanović, Ivana Carević, Marina Bagarić, prof. Ljubomir Miščević (external associate).
  4. Erasmus+ (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices): South East Europe strategic partnership in vocational education and training in Passive House Design for nearly zero energy buildings development – SEEDPass, associates: Ivana Banjad Pečur, Bojan Milovanović.
  5. Phenomenological Modelling of Carbonation-Induced Corrosion of Radioactive Waste Disposal Structures, PHENEMICS, NEWFELPRO Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND program, Coordinator: Marijana Serdar
  6. COST AKCIJA TU1404 „Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structures˝, steering committee member and the work package leader WG1: Marijana Serdar, associates: doc. Ivan Gabrijel, Ana Baričević, Martina Pezer
  7. CA EPBD IV – Concerted Action EPBD IV (Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 692447), Coordinator Jens Laustsen (Energistyrelsen DEA – Danska), National leader: Nada Marđetko Škoro (Ministry of construction and physical planning); associates: Ivana Banjad Pečur, Bojan Milovanović, Marina Bagarić,
  8. COST AKCIJA FP1404 Fire safe use of bio-based building products, steering committee member (MC): prof. Ivana Banjad Pečur, associate (MC Substitute): Marija Jelčić Rukavina

National projects:

  1. Use of sewage sludge in concrete industry, research project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation, coordinator: Dražen Vouk
  2. Experimental determination of volume deformations of concrete composites with recycled micro-fibers, Short-term support from the University of Zagreb, coordinator: Dubravke Bjegović, 2015.
  3. Transformation of Wood Biomass Ash into Resilient Construction Composites – TAREC2 – coordinator Nina Štirmer, IP-06-2016, funded by Croatian Science Foundation